Exceptional design and a commitment to quality have forged their reputation as a manufacturer of quality outdoor furniture. Over the last 50 years, their ambitions have flourished. Their are now established as a global leader.

Gloster’s journey began in Africa where they first started making furniture for local market consumption. Later on, when they realised they were actually quite good at it, they began exporting to Europe.

Over 10 million pieces of furniture and 50 years of growth later they are now a worldwide name. You’ll find them anywhere from Austria to Australia, Japan to Jordan, the Ukraine to the United Arab Emirates, and everywhere in-between.

From the very start they were always both environmentally and ethically aware – they even used the discarded branches and tree stumps, which would otherwise have been burnt, to make the smaller components.

In 1981, they started the Gloster brand. From quite humble roots, they were soon exporting our furniture all around the world. After transferring their African factory’s expertise to Asia so that they could have access to the plantation grown teak that was only available in Indonesia, Gloster grew to be the principle high end worldwide brand for teak outdoor furniture over the 80s and 90s.

Their reputation is based on exceptional design and unparalleled quality which is why they go so far to protect it – testing everything they make to international standards. And when those standards don’t exist, they create them.

Although their expertise started with teak, it hasn’t stopped there. Now, more than fifty years since they started, Gloster is the ultimate British outdoor brand, firmly established as a global leader in teak, woven, aluminium, stainless steel and outdoor lounge furniture.

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